Our Progressive Approach

At Malvern Language Centre, we see the individual child’s curiosities, abilities and learning style as important factors in designing, differentiating and assessing each student’s learning. We engage students with hands-¬on investigations, projects and design challenges across the grades and subject areas inspiring greater interest, depth and understanding.

Our approach values the skills involved in formulating one’s own questions, as well as answering those of a teacher. We know that solid learning of facts and skills often requires repetition, practice and reinforcement.

Students at Malvern have their understanding of ideas, facts and skills deepened and reinforced during lessons through our Think-Learn-Succeed approach.

I .Think Creatively

   Explore, take intellectual risks and think divergently
   Apply a variety of skills in learning
   Recognize their unique learning strengths

II. Learn Deeply

   Engage as curious, reflective, active learners
   Think critically to connect and interpret complex information
   Development and mastery of essential academic proficiencies

III. Succeed Positively

   Strive to do their best to reach their highest individual potential
   Advocate for themselves and others
   Enjoy thinking, building, learning and innovating