Direct English for ESL

Many courses wait until the end of training to test you. That’s too late to discover if you needed more training in a particular area!

That’s why with Direct English™ you’ll find online tests written specifically for our course. What’s more, you’ll be able to track your progress and understanding which will build your confidence and inspire you to continue learning English with us. You can be confident that by assessing you throughout the course we ensure you’re guaranteed to succeed!

Step 1: Language proficiency assessment

  This will determine your current level of English

Step 2: Teaching and learning based on your current level of English

  Ongoing practice and assessment (face-to-face and optional online lessons)

Step 4: Receive Direct English™ proficiency certificate

  Upon successful completion of 30 hrs face-to-face lesson.

We also know that you may want independent reassurance that you have progressed with your English language studies with Direct English. This is why our course is benchmarked against stages of learning and qualifications defined by the Common European Framework and independent public examination bodies including IELTS™, TOEFL and BULATS.

Direct English™ Summarising your path to success

It’s simple.

 We listen to you, get to know you, find out what works for you. Direct English is based on more than understanding language; it’s based on how you learn it.

It’s flexible.

Learning English takes time so we let you study when, where and how you like, to fit in with your lifestyle. You can combine personal study with tutorials, conversation classes and multimedia classes, at times that suit you, without putting your life on hold.

It’s effective.

 Our syllabus reflects how language is naturally learned, introducing grammar and language points right away – you’ll be speaking conversational English from day one. By returning to these points as your language skills and vocabulary develops, it reinforces what you’ve learned.

It’s personalised.

 We treat you as an individual,not just a face in a classroom. We recognise that everyone has different learning abilities and needs, so we start out by finding which pace of study you’re happy with.

It’s proven.

 Our methods are designed to train you carefully in the four skills of understanding, speaking, reading and writing, while at the same time anticipating and dealing with questions you might have at every stage of the learning process.

It’s entertaining.

 The audio and digital components of our course material are engaging and motivating. The situations are memorable so you’ll immediately feel involved. And unlike most academic textbooks, our books are both clear and engaging.

Course Duration: 30 hours (face-to-face)

Course fees: SGD $400/-